What are the options for testing my water once the arsenic treatment system is installed?

  • There are three main options for arsenic water testing:
  1. Lab Sampling - Lab Testing: The most convenient option is to schedule someone from the lab to come out and collect the samples for arsenic testing.
  2. Water Treatment Company Sampling - Lab Testing: Some water treatment professionals will provide annual testing as part of their service. Obtaining a service contract from them will take the worry away from you and protect your family's health.
  3. Homeowner Sampling - Lab Testing: You can pick up the appropriate bottles from a convenient lab, collect the water samples yourself, and deliver them to the lab.
    • A list of certified labs capable of testing arsenic by the most sensitive analytical methods can be found on our "Testing Options" page.
    • Sampling instructions:
      • Stress the system: Run two cold water taps for at least ten minutes before collecting samples. This ensures the samples will not be from stale water inthe plumbing. See FAQ#24 for more details.
      • Collect the between-the-tanks treated water sample:
        • This is the most important sample to collect when you have a two-tank Whole House system. See the picture below for the location:
      • Collect a sample of fully treated water at the kitchen sink:
        • Remember to keep two taps running for at least ten minutes while collecting the water samples to ensure the system is stressed properly and you do not test stale water from the plumbing or treatment tanks.