Treatment Options

The New Jersey Geological Survey has an excellent information circular outlining available options for arsenic water treatment for residential wells in New Jersey and what typical costs were at the time the circular was written. Two main treatment options are recommended - Point-of-Use (POU) filters, which target specific faucets, and Point-of-Entry (POE) filters, which treat all water coming into the house. POU filters are generally less expensive than POE. POE are more often recommended, especially in households with children, because all the water in the house is then safe. Single and double tank systems are offered (the second tank essentially provides backup, when the first tank's filter reaches capacity). While choosing a treatment system may seem daunting, residents have found that once installed, most systems require little maintenance. However, once a water treatment system has been installed, the treated water should be tested once per year to assure the system is still working effectively. The sampling point will vary depending on the design of the treatment system installed and the NGJS information circular provides guidance for the typical sampling point. Installed two tank whole house Point-of-Entry (POE) systems typically cost from $2200 to $3500 with a median cost of $2495. Installed Point-of-Use (POU) systems typically cost $700- $1100 for each installed tap with a median cost of $835. (figures based on a late 2014 survey).  New Jersey homeowners can get a 10 year no interest loan to pay for arsenic treatment systems through the Potable Water Program of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency


The treatment firms listed below are active in Hunterdon County. Click on the name of the firm to go to their website.

Jayson Company, Union, NJ (Joe DiBella) (908-688-1111)

Kel Tren Watercare, (Tom Barry) (609-705-6787)

Portasoft Inc, Westfield, NJ (Bill Mack) (908-233-4300)

PortaSoft of Morris County, (Michael Kinney) (973-584-1549 x18)

Radata, Flanders, NJ (David Grammer) (973-927-7303)

Rely Mechanical Co., Pennington, NJ (609-737-7443)

Sam Stothoff Company, Flemington (908-782-2116)

Stover's Wells and Pumps, Ringoes, NJ (Tom Stover) (908-782-5374)

Suburban Morris Water Conditioning,  (John Noon) (800-520-8424)

Arsenic Water Treatment Checklist

  1. The system treats both Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5.
  2. Other water quality issues besides arsenic (e.g. bacteria, iron, gross alpha) will be addressed.
  3. System includes both pre and post-treatment sediment filters.

  4. The system will process enough water to meet the household's needs.
  5. Choose between Point-of-Entry (whole house) and Point-of-Use (single tap) systems.

  6. Understand required maintenance.

  7. After the system is installed test your water to make sure the system is working properly.

  8. Once a year test your treated water.

  9. Visit NJ Arsenic Awareness website for more information.

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