What would the recommended arsenic treatment system include?

  • The recommended arsenic treatment system is a Whole House two-tank adsorption system with the following components:
  1. Two Whole-House arsenic treatment tanks in series with a high capacity arsenic treatment media
  2. A sampling port between the two arsenic tanks
  3. A 5 micron sediment pre-filter before the arsenic tanks (depending on whether other water treatment elements are in place before the arsenic tanks)
  4. A 5 micron sediment post-filter after the arsenic tanks
  5. A water meter
An effective system also needs to be maintained. To qualify as a well maintained system, a water test must be conducted yearly from the kitchen sink and the sampling port between the two arsenic tanks.  If the arsenic between the tanks is greater than 5 mcg/l, your water treatment professional should remove the worker tank, replace it with the safety tank and install  a new safety tank.